5% discount on your 1st order. Week is almost here - the perfect opportunity to save on your upcoming move! Don't wait; book your move and enjoy our exclusive discounts.

5% discount on your 1st order. Week is almost here - the perfect opportunity to save on your upcoming move! Don't wait; book your move and enjoy our exclusive discounts.

Here's what people ask us the most


To offer you our packing, moving, or storage services on the days you need, we would prefer you call three weeks in advance, especially during summer.


look for trustworthy moving companies with experience so they can guide you better. Depending on the type of service you need (Packing, Moving, Long Distance Moves, or portable storage with a crew) charges might be by the hour,
flat fee, or tariff. Always provide the most accurate inventory, and if your home is over 1000 sq ft, we recommend an on-site consultation with an expert moving coordinator.

Before you reach out for a quote, you should identify exactly how much you can do own and delegate the rest to a professional company. See the following questions. (checklist)

   1. Will I need packing or unpacking services?
   2. Will I move some my furniture and belongings, or do I need full-service move?
   3. Will any of my items need to be donated or disposed of?

Once you are ready, call us at 404-355-5151. One of our experts will set an appointment for a moving consultation. The consultation could be on-site, over the phone, or a virtual video call.

After the visit, you will receive an accurate estimate for your move usually within 48 hours. We guarantee high-quality services, backed by our 35 years of experience in the moving industry and the low turnover rate of our crews.

No, our on-site moving consultations don’t have any cost. It is a complimentary service that allows us to guarantee and provide the most accurate estimates and plans.

Yes, for Long-Distance moves, we offer exclusive services only. That means you will have the same crew loading, driving, and unloading, with a dedicated truck per customer.

We guarantee the pickup and delivery date with a quick turnaround. That ensures your items receive the same care as a local move. Some national companies and van lines offer long-distance share ride moving services; as an alternative.

Along with our experienced professional packing crew, we can offer packing services for most items. We will take care of your delicate artwork, fine china, mirrors, small items, and lamps.

Using a meticulous packing crew. We can also provide crates for delicate and fragile items like chandeliers, fine art, mirrors, and sculptures.


Our patent-pending storage system is Big Vaults, our Portable Storage with a crew. Constructed out of wood, each Big Vault can store up to 2,500 lbs.

We store the Big Vaults in our warehouse in a climate-controlled environment. Do you want to visit your storage or take some items back? No need to sweat! We can schedule a crew to assist in going through your vault any weekday during business hours.

We designed Big Vaults Portable Storage with a Crew to increase your peace of mind and reduce the handling of your items. The crew brings the Big Vaults to your home.

The crew wraps all furniture, loads, and closes the Big Vaults; once they finish loading your vaults, you will receive an inventory list detailing the items stored and their condition. We load the Big Vault trucks from the side, so there must be ample room. Once at the warehouse, there is no need to open the Big Vaults.

The crew places the loaded units in their assigned space until the new house is ready. When delivering, we bring the Big Vaults to the new property and unload them directly into the new home. For High-Rises, some apartments, and other properties, the crew will load or unload in a regular truck and transfer to or from the Big Vaults at the warehouse.

Each Big Vaults estimate includes the delivery of the units, the labor for loading and unloading, and the materials for our wrapping protocol: full blankets in/ full blankets out. That means we wrap all your furniture with shrink wrap, paper pads, and blankets.

To secure your move, we require a deposit. The purpose of the deposit is to book the date and the crew needed. All deposits are non–refundable if you cancel but will go towards the bill on the day of the move. However, we´ll keep your deposit for one calendar year from your original scheduled move date should the date change for any reason. 

To keep your deposit on account, you must notify us of the change at least 3 business days before your original scheduled move date.

To pay your deposit please call the office at 404 – 355 – 5151. You can place your deposit over the phone. On move day, the Foreman will collect the final payment.

You can use check, cash or card. A 3% surcharge is added to all bills paid with a card.

Part of our service is to help minimize the stress you feel during the moving process. Once you have booked a date, we can reschedule it, provided three business days of a heads-up and availability on the new preferred date.

We understand things change when moving, so we always do our best to accommodate your request.

Yes, we shall not transport any of the following items: Explosive/flammable items like propane tanks, torches, ammunition, paint, weapons, or gasoline machinery. 

Valuable Personal Property like jewelry, stocks, bonds, passports, birth certificates, laptops, or cellphones. 

Some specialty items like electric beds, exercise equipment, light fixtures require third-party servicing before we move them. And if you want us to move pieces like ceramic plant pots, green eggs, then you need to sign a liability waiver.

Please refer to our terms and conditions or call our offices at 404-355-5151 for a more extensive list or if you have any questions.

We can store almost anything in our Big Vaults Storage, except paint, plants, perishable food, hazardous material, firearms, gas, or propane.

Our moving trucks are 16ft, 24 ft, 26ft, and 28ft long. For Big Vault storage jobs, we use flatbed trucks with two Vaults per truck; or our newly designed 26 ft enclosed Big Vault trucks which also carry two Vaults per truck. If your property has clearance requirements, please call the office as we have alternative options to consider; one of our moving coordinators can guide you with the logistics.

One way to lower costs is to pack your items yourself; however, it is important to be realistic and understand that packing is a time-consuming activity to handle on your own. If you pack on your own, we recommend you pack your miscellaneous, non-delicate items like clothing and knick-knacks.

We offer a professional packing crew for everything else, especially the most
fragile and delicate items.

COI stands for Certificate of Insurance. It is a document that proves that the moving company is insured. Usually, high-rise buildings and some homeowner associations request this document

When you move in or out of the property. If your property manager asks for a COI, call or email the office; they will request this document and forward it to you within 24 hours.

Our movers are not plumbers, electricians, or appliance experts. They will move appliances skillfully with some restrictions and exceptions. That is why it is important for the customer to hire/arrange an appliance expert prior to and after the move to assist with gas lines, water lines, removing doors for oversized fridges, and more.

Transit or shipping bolts prevent the washing drum from rotating, vibrating, and moving while the machine is in transit or transport. You must remove the bolts when installing the washer to be operational.

If you kept the original packaging, you have the bolts. New appliances come with the required shipping bolts. If you didn´t keep the original packaging, you may purchase the kit from the manufacturer; or in stores like Walmart or Amazon. The appliance Shipping Bolt kit is universal for all for washers.

We can take items to any disposal or donation center of your preference. Furniture disposal centers have their own charges, and we can provide the labor for loading, transporting, and unloading. For donation, please check with the donation center of choice that they are willing to receive the type and quantity of your donation.

All movers are equipped with tools and experience to disassemble and assemble back any standard furniture like standard beds, cribs, and more. Please refer to out-of-scope items.

Any specialty furniture like electric beds, sleep number beds, weight benches, electrical items like chandeliers and sconces, gas lines need to be serviced by a third-party expert prior to the move. We do not move gasoline, gasoline equipment, alcohol or guns. Please call the office to inquire about detailed out of scope list.

All deposits are non-refundable if the move is canceled, but will be deducted from the final bill. However, if the customer needs to change the date, we´ll keep their deposit for one calendar year from the initial scheduled date, provided three days of notice.

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