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5% discount on your 1st order. Week is almost here - the perfect opportunity to save on your upcoming move! Don't wait; book your move and enjoy our exclusive discounts.

Proper Etiquette for Moving Day

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You’ve made it through all the packing, organizing, and cleaning. The day has come. You’re moving! Now that everything is ready to go, you can focus on the actual moving proceedings. It’s important to be polite and use certain etiquette when moving in order to make the day as positive as possible for everyone involved.

Let Neighbors Know You’re Moving

If neighbors are aware of the move, they will be less likely to be upset when you’re blocking a driveway or making more noise than usual. Try to be as considerate as possible as you do the actual moving. Do your best to avoid parking anywhere that is inconvenient for neighbors. Ensure there is access for neighbors to drive on the road. If it will be an inconvenient move, it’s an excellent idea to let individuals know ahead of time so they can plan for it.

Determine Parking Beforehand

Find out where the appropriate place to park is at the new home. If moving to a house that shares a driveway, there may be certain rules to follow. There may also be parking laws you must follow or you risk a fine or being towed. For an apartment building, there may be designated loading places for your truck. Get in touch with the people in the know so you don’t ruffle any feathers your first day in a new place.

Make the Day Easy on the Movers

Do what you can to make moving easy on your movers. They will appreciate it and it will likely make things go more quickly. If you’re in an apartment with elevators, consider reserving an elevator for a certain time on moving day. This lets movers get up and down without having to wait on anyone else using the elevator.

Make sure your boxes are organized and ready to go. Label them with the rooms they will go into and mark them if there are fragile items. This will allow the movers to move more quickly while being aware of special situations so nothing is damaged. It will also make it easier for unloading if the movers know where things need to go.

Have some drinks available for the movers, if possible. Moving is a very physical job and a bottle of water can be greatly appreciated. Make sure you have plenty of water, at the very least, although having other beverages and snacks isn’t a bad idea either, if you have the means to do so. If it’s a cold season, have some coffee or hot cocoa available, instead.

Be Aware of New Neighbors

As with the former neighbors, make sure to be respectful of new neighbors. Try to avoid blocking walkways with the truck. Keep your things off of others’ lawns and don’t move early when people are not yet awake. It’s best to move midday when people are at work and fewer individuals will be inconvenienced by what is happening at your new home.

Tip the Movers for a Job Well Done

Tipping is something that isn’t mandatory but is very common. If you’re satisfied with the work that has been done, give your movers a tip to show them you appreciate it. The size of the tip may vary depending on how long and complicated the move was. You should also be sure you have cash on hand for this very reason.

If you have friends help you move instead, they may not require money but it’s always a good idea to offer them something. This might be dinner or a bottle of wine. Tailor it to the person helping to show them how much you appreciate their hard work.


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