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5% discount on your 1st order. Week is almost here - the perfect opportunity to save on your upcoming move! Don't wait; book your move and enjoy our exclusive discounts.

Moving your wardrobe

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For some, packing their wardrobe may be the most daunting task – looking at my partner who uses most of our closet space and the extra room’s closet. Here are some tips on how to tackle this monumental undertaking – PACKING THE WARDROBE!

Think of how you pack a suitcase when you go on vacation. To make space, you might roll clothing into small bundles. Use this technique to move your most used clothing. Pack off-season clothing towards the bottom and in the back! This is the clothing you will not need for a few months, depending on the seasonal weather conditions of your local area. This way it is last to be accessed and otherwise, allows for more immediate weather-appropriate items to be on top and in front so they are quickly accessible and get unpacked first. And remember to label your boxes accordingly so there is no confusion when unpacking at the new place – you may determine some boxes don’t need to be opened until the next season and can quickly store them elsewhere, getting them out of the way for unpacking the immediate items in your bedroom. If you know you will keep them stored away for a few months, be sure to protect them from moisture and pests by placing them in bags or plastic wrap.

Pack a “moving day” bag of clothing – this goes for each person in the family. Set these aside so they don’t get swept up in the main move and are available as needed, with a day or two worth of clean clothes. Keep in mind, your clothes may not be quick to unpack and your laundry appliances may not be ready right after moving in, so prepare by having a few extra sets of underwear, socks, and other clothing items you think necessary. Consider also packing a few days worth of clothing in this bag to prepare for any hold-ups with the rest of your wardrobe.

Pick the appropriate method for moving your clothing. The distance and amount of clothing involved in a move will help determine which of these clothes packing techniques will work best. If you’re traveling across the country, it’s crucial to keep clothing sealed and protected. If moving one neighborhood over, zip-tying hangers together and piling them on the back seat of a car would work just as well.

Hanging clothing should be stored in enclosed wardrobe boxes or garment racks when traveling a long distance in a moving truck. Also consider leaving clothes in their drawers. For clothing within a dresser drawer, leave all clothing in its place and seal the drawers and doors, so they don’t fly open when they’re moved. This technique works best if you have professional movers who are used to moving heavy furniture. If it seems safer, remove the drawers, seal them with plastic, and move them individually. Wrapped hanging clothes can be piled onto a cart or draped over a box right on the hanger. Just be sure to tie hangers together and move them in groupings of ten. Cover each grouping completely with garbage bags or sheets to protect from dust and dirt. Otherwise, consider Vacuum sealing bags.

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